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49+ Summer Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Today!

Around this time of year, I am often get asked “how can I earn extra money this summer.” Whether you are a young parent trying to make ends meet, determined to pay off your student loans, or committed to becoming debt-free, earning extra money this summer may look like starting a side hustle. This is why I put together a little list of summer side hustles that are best done during the warmer months.

It is by no means an end-all list of summer side hustles; therefore, I encourage you to put your own ideas in the comments below!

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49+ Summer Side Hustle Ideas!

1. Mowing Lawns

First, get a push mower. Then, simply start asking around in your neighborhood if you can mow their lawns. You might be surprised at how many of your neighbors would be willing to pay $20/per time for you to mow for them- especially those who are elderly or frequently travel. The fact is many people would rather pay a neighbor than do it themselves or hire a professional lawn care service (which would be much more expensive)!

2. Doing Landscaping

Do you have an eye for what looks good outside? Many people want a landscape that looks nice, but have no idea where to start! If you are good at this, people are willing to pay for your talents! Remember though, most likely you will not be able to compete with a professional landscaping company so make sure your prices reflect that. This being said, people will notice that you work hard and do a good job!

3. High-Pressure Wash A House

Many home owners want their houses to look spiffy. In fact, some neighborhoods actually have guidelines set in place to ensure that all houses are presentable. So how do you clean the outside of a house? High-pressure wash!  It is hard work and takes a chunk of time, but many people will pay to have it done! If you are looking for a good high-pressure washer, check this one out.

4. High-Pressure Wash A Driveway Or Parking Lot

When I worked at a fast food restaurant, every spring and fall people would come in and give us a bid to power wash our parking lot! It took them half a day, and we paid them GOOD money.

5. Detailing cars

This is one of my favorites! You can start this side hustle with as little as $10, and it is something that you and your significant other can do together! Even if you have small kids, I have managed to do this one at my house!

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6. Rent Out A Room/ Or Your House With Airbnb

As a generation, we are more open to allowing people into our houses. Through safe programs like Airbnb, you can make good money. However, always take extra precaution when your child or wife are at home.

7. Baking For End-of- School Parties

It seems like everyone and their mother have some kind of end of the school year cook out or class party! Offer to provide all the snacks and drinks at their location. I know the bakeries around here have to make a killing during this time!

8. Dog Walk

While this can be done anytime of the year, summer tends to be when people are gone the most or want to make sure their dogs are well taken care of. They even have apps that can help you find gigs!

9. Car Flipping

In the summer time, many people are looking to sell their old ride and get a new one. With a little TLC, these can be sold for a nice profit! For this side hustle, you will need some good knowledge of cars. But if you have the knowledge, it is definitely worth it.

10. Clean Out Gutters

With all the leaves and pine needles from fall still in everyone’s gutters, helping your neighbors or friends get their gutters cleaned is a great way to earn a few dollars. Pro-tip: make sure you like being on a ladder!

11. Hang Christmas Lights *Yes This Is A Summer Job*

Who wants to hang outside lights when it’s cold? I have seen people leave lights on their bushes or house all year around (but tuck them up so they are not in the way). Some people even hang lights super early during the warmer months. See what your neighbors think! It could be some quick money!

12. Human Billboard

If you’re not easily embarrassed, there are always businesses looking for a sign-spinner at street corners to attract attention.

Being a young parent freshly out of school with student loan debt can make it hard to spend time with family and make ends meet! Why not give a side hustle a try for earning more money? They don't have to take as much time as another job but can earn some quick cash on the side for your budget to have more free room!

13. Personal Trainer

Let’s be honest. Most people want a ‘summer time body.’ If you know how to do quick workouts or eat healthy, now is the time to take advantage of this!

14. Pet Grooming

With all the walks that my wife and I go on in the summer, our dog always needs a good bath and grooming! Invest in a good pair of shears, and start practicing! It’s probably best to do it on your own dog first 😜

15. Pet Sitting

Many people travel during the summer! As a pet owner, finding someone that is good with pets is easy! But finding someone who is trustworthy, is a whole other issue! Get some great referrals, and start earning that money!

16. House Sitting

It seems that for some reason in the summer we all take vacations, even though typically where we live is probably as warm as where we are traveling too. House sitting is a great side hustle that can earn you upwards of $49 a night. Sometimes they will even let you eat their food, use their internet, and watch their TV!

17. Picking Up Trash

Brian Winch has a great business! Check out how he earns a six figure income from basically picking up trash! How cool is that?!

18. Pool Cleaning Services

Many people have a pool, and they all need cleaning! If you love spending time near the water and are always touching the bug catcher at a friend’s pool, why not offer to clean pools for a small fee.

19. Rec Sports Referee

Many families have at least one child in sports and therefore basically live at various sport complexes. Why not earn some extra money! If you are a typical sports parent, you already know most of the rules!

20. Window Cleaning Services

I started a business doing this once! It can be some seriously amazing cash! The busiest time is in the summer before big parties when people want their windows nice and clean!

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21. Staining A Deck

Again it comes back to people not having time for things, but get a cheap paint roller, and a weed sprayer and go to work!

22. Garage Sale Flipping

We are always trying to get stuff out of our house! Then when it comes time for a garage sale in the summer, it seems like we never have enough stuff though to attract lots of buyers. If you love shopping at garage sales and have an eye for used items, this maybe the perfect side hustle for you! Try garage sale shopping before hand and see if there are any good items to flip!

23. Working As A Life Guard

Get tan, get paid, and possibly save a life! You could even use the license during the winter time as a pool lifeguard.

24. Providing Summer Childcare

With school being out and babysitters traveling, offer to be a last minute babysitter, or even take up a nanny position for the summer!

25. Waiting Tables In A Resort Area

If you live in a resort or tourist area, local businesses are probably hiring summer help! You could work a few hours a week and make a few hundred dollars.

26. Selling Ice Cream

I had a friend once who loved making homemade ice cream. So he went to the local parks and campgrounds and sold homemade ice cream in a bowl for $1. Everyone loved it!

27. Selling Lemonade & Water

This is an age-old business, but it still makes an excellent side-hustle! You could do this at a garage sale or if you live on a pretty heavily traveled road. Many people get thirsty when they are out and about, so why not take advantage of it?

28. Tending To A Garden

Eating fresh is always in style! Therefore, many people have a garden, but very few have the patience and time to make it thrive. Offer to take care of their garden in exchange for money or produce!

29. Selling Wood For Camp Fires

If you live near a campground, this one could make some serious money! If you have a good way to get wood (that is acceptable in the campground), you could underprice your wood and be that place everyone stops before they head into the park.

30. Exterior Painting

I didn’t even know this one existed until this week, but apparently people pay a good price for someone to paint the outside of their house. It cheaper than residing to change the color! If you are a good painter, you may want to pursue this side hustle.

31. Stacking Wood

Those who use wood to heat during the winter need lots of it! You probably know at least two people that do this, so why not offer to help with the backbreaking work and earn a few dollars doing it!

32. Summer Catering (Wedding)

As summer starts the wedding kick-off season, many hotels and catering places are looking for good hired help! Pick up a few hours a night and earn some money!

33. House Cleaning

Spring cleaning is when everyone gets rid of everything and does a deep clean. You could help with this or offer your services keep someone’s house clean all summer long! I know people who charge over $20/hr to clean!

34. Recycling

You maybe amazed at how much money you can make from turning in recycling! You could ask your neighbors to save their cans for you, drive around and pick up metal scraps, or even fish through trash cans for tin cans that have been thrown away. I know someone who fishes pop cans off the top of the trash bins at his full time job and uses all the money he makes as his “fun money.”

35. Hauling Services

When summer hits, everyone gets this itch to move! If you have a big truck or a good sized trailer, offer to help them move their stuff. If someone needs a car hauled away, you could offer to do this as well!

36. Golf Course

Don’t mind working with rich and sometimes grumpy old men? This might be the summer job for you! Golf courses are always looking for people to pick up golf balls and maintain the course!

37. Handyman Work

Are you decent with fixing those little things that no one ever seems to have time to do? Well, summer is the perfect time for those people to get them fixed! Make a few business cards and off you go!

38. Painting Fences

People always want to make sure their yards look nice, but sometimes those white picket fences become not so white after a while! I have heard of people taking a picture of the person’s fence and attaching a price and phone number to it. However you may go about finding business, the demand is out there!

39. Painting Street Numbers

I personally know someone who does this! They will paint your house number on the curb or touch up paint the numbers on the side of your house! They only charge $10 and are done in under 15 minutes normally!

40. Picking Up Dog Poop

You heard right! You can earn a LOT of money for picking up people’s dogs’ 💩 in the yard! How crazy is this!

41. Coaching Summer Sports

It probably won’t pay the bills, but coaching a summer sport or class could be some extra side income! If you enjoy the sport and love to teach, why not?

42. Roofing

It is a hard working and labor intensive job! But again you get paid to get tan, and it can teach you some pretty valuable skills!

43. Helping Side A House

I just had a friend get their 1,000 sq foot house quoted for residing. It was almost $10k! The thing is many home owners need help residing their homes. So why don’t you make it your side hustle? Putting on siding isn’t that hard! Watch a few youtube videos!

44. Selling Produce From Your Garden

Lots of people love to eat fresh vegetables, but do not have time for a garden! And let’s be honest, why did you plant those 102 tomato plants anyway! (Watch it my mother will read this post 😁 ) Sell some of the extras!

45. Trimming Trees

No one likes getting hit in the head with tree branches while mowing or having them hit the house during a summer storm! Offer to trim them for a few dollars.

46. Putting In Fences

Another thing that isn’t incredibly hard but takes work and time.

47. Building A Deck

This takes a little more skill than if you were just starting out! But I have a cousin who loves building and is going to school for it. While he is home this summer, he is doing a various assortment of odd building jobs. One is building a deck for a neighbor!

48. Re-Tarring A Driveway

If you have a paved driveway, you know you have to keep the maintenance up on it! Well again, it’s not hard, but people don’t have time!

49. Renting Table, Chairs & A Tent

Purchase the tent the tables and chairs that everyone is always needing but can’t seem to find anyone who has enough to rent out!

50. Setting Up Events

Let’s be honest. Most people hate trying to figure out how to rent tables, tents, and chairs let alone setting up for those events. Hire yourself out as the one stop shop for it all and throw in setting up the event and tear down as well!

51. Your Turn

Add your part time side hustle in the comments below!

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Barnabas Brown

Barnabas Brown

My name is Barnabas, and that's my better half, Marissa! I am an Entrepreneur and budget savvy Father to one adorable son, a three-legged puppy and one truly excellent wife! I have paid off $37k in student loan debt in just over a year and a half, while in college! I love to help others learn how to be financially responsible for themselves! My other passion is to help give to those that need it and train others to better themselves!
Barnabas Brown

Barnabas Brown

My name is Barnabas, and that's my better half, Marissa! I am an Entrepreneur and budget savvy Father to one adorable son, a three-legged puppy and one truly excellent wife! I have paid off $37k in student loan debt in just over a year and a half, while in college! I love to help others learn how to be financially responsible for themselves! My other passion is to help give to those that need it and train others to better themselves!

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  1. Great read! Love the ideas! A lot of these I had never thought of doing as a side hustle. I used to umpire baseball/softball in the summer for about 3 years and I made some great money doing it! There are so many side hustle opportunities for people looking to make some extra cash, you just have to figure out what works best for you and the skills you have or could learn.

    1. Thanks! I totally agree that it’s awesome that we don’t care as much about money, as long as we can take care of our families and our bills!

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