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Welcome to my personal finance and giving blog! 13872818_10209223221712791_6889831069655322983_n
I started this blog in order to help track my personal side income goals, and help other enjoy time with family by achieving a little bit of financial freedom, and most of all help others learn how to be in a place where they can enjoy giving to others!

My name is Barnabas and I currently live in little old Indiana with my lovely wife, son, and dog. I plan to travel to Cambodia and Thailand next summer on a missions trip!

I have always been an entrepreneur. In 7th grade, I started a car detailing business and was able to grow that into a decent size income while being in school.

My senior year of high school I became general manager of Culver’s (the fast food company) and managed about 75 employees.

In 2013 I started working with my dad and help him run his computer repair and networking business called WACD

In 2015 we started an online marketing and website development company called WACD Media

I am 24 years old and graduated from a private Christian college in 2014 and 2015. I graduated with a bachelor degree in Information Systems and Business Administration.

My wife and I both worked through college and were able to keep our debt to a minimum but unfortunately we were not able to keep it all away.

My wife had almost no debt but I had about $27k in debt when I graduated college.

If you are like me you often wonder how am I ever going to get out of debt!

We were able to by being smart when the recession hit and buying a fixer upper house and flipping it.

Anyways, I plan to use this blog to help track my own side income goals, and help others figure out the ins and outs of budgeting, becoming debt free, and getting to the point where their financial freedom allows them to give to others! I plan to post each month what my side income report is for this blog along with what goals I want to hit. I still work and own the marketing and IT company along with a few other side business’s, so this will be interesting to see what money just comes from the blog.


Traveling for cheap or free!

My wife and I have always wanted to me able to travel the world, whether on vacation or on mission trips. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and spent a ton of money! I would like to try and go back for a 10 day vacation but do it off rewards points for little to no cost!

I love credit cards! Wait did a budget guru just say they loved credit cards? Yes, yes I did! I would be what you call a bit of a fanatic when it comes to points. I get it from my dad but no one can pass up free money or free items because you use a credit card. Now I have no credit card debt, and never have.

Credit cards can be dangerous if not used properly but I only spend what I already have and pay the credit card off each month. This allows me to get travel points, cash back, or amazon points!

I will be writing or asking to have a guest blog about the best way to use credit cards! If you know how to use them wisely check back and I will update with links to the blogs.

We bought our first house in 2014 (we were still in college) and it was a foreclosure. We totally gutted the house and redid the house with little to no money spent out of our pocket! In 2016 we sold this house for a $37k Profit! We are both super busy with work and daily activities! We wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible with our child so we decided that we would splurge and purchase a fairly new house (2012) in order to obtain time back in our lives for other things.


I really enjoy helping others by giving, whether this is monetary or from knowledge. I enjoy the financial world and how to use side jobs to boost your income! We live in a generation that generally does not want to work, but we have the ability to change anything in our lives! Why not get your finances under control and then control your future!

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