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Welcome to my personal finance and giving lifestyle blog!

I started this blog to help keep me on track and accountable for my family’s personal finance journey. I soon realized that I could not just keep it to talking about financial things but also needed a place to share my thoughts on my heart about giving and helping those in need!

I mean common who doesn’t like to know there is at least something good going on in the world!

Anyway, my name is Barnabas I currently live in little old Indiana with my wonderful wife (Marissa), son and two dogs!

I love talking about money and figuring out new ways to save and make it. As we have been married and have kids I find that lots of people miss that fact that your normal how to save and make money posts cannot fit into the life of a young married couple with kids!  

So I like to help young couples with kids learn how to get their finances under control and create a better future for their family!

My wife’s love for Cambodia and Thailand has rubbed off on me and I just took my first trip there this summer with her work.


I have always been what you would call an entrepreneur. I started my first business in 7th grade and made some serious cash while running that one!

I have bounced in and out of starting and selling a few companies and now work and own an IT & Internet Marketing company with my father!

My wife and I worked all through college but still came out with a little bit of debt! But we busted out butts and flipped a house while married, in college, and with a newborn all on the way!

This allowed us to pay off almost $37k worth of debt in just under 2 years!


While I love making money and talking about ways to be a better financial steward of our money. I also have a place in my heart for helping and giving to others!

While this may not be the norm among people, in particular on a personal finance blog, I think it’s a big part of who I am.

I have always been taught and later on in life found great joy from giving to others. Having a mindset that it’s not all about you and we are put here to love and serve others make the bad days better and the great days amazing!

After traveling to Cambodia and Thailand on a team trip with my wife’s work, Destiny Rescue, I have a new love for helping children who are trafficked into the sex slave industry.

When you can go over there and meet young girls who were 10 years old and have been raped up to 15 times or more a day, but they have a smile on their face and can sing songs of praise.

It makes you really question your “bad” days here and why we always complain over the stupidest things.

I am still learning this so don’t think I’m perfect but having a bad day is very much a mental issue, it is all about what you make of it!

I will write a full post on my time in Cambodia and Thailand later! For now, if you want to sign up for our weekly posts sent straight to your inbox and all the stories of good, please sign up!

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