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My May 2017 Side Income Report

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Welcome to May’s side income report where I show you just how much I made from various side hustles. These are income earnings I have made that are not from my primary day job. 

In 2017 I plan to work my hardest in order to earn various forms of income from side hustles. This way I can finish paying off the debt that I have and be totally debt free! These side hustles will include the growth of this blog! Blogging has changed my outlook on how money can be made! Never would I have thought that I could teach someone in Australia how to start a blog and make money through a side income all while sitting in my home at 4:00 am blogging!

I don’t believe that you should take anyone at face value when they say made 10k last month without them saying it was profit. Because of this, my side income report will include both revenues and expenses so that my readers can get a feel for exactly what it takes to run a side hustle!

My mission is to help young men and women be able to get out of debt by paying off those student loans, mortgages, and other debts by budgeting and being smart with his or her money! When this happens, they can live financially free and do the best thing ever…GIVE…I promise you will enjoy it! After all, we are millennials, and we have a bad rap about us with finances. Let’s change that! I know if I did it, you can as well!

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As always thanks so much for all your support and emails!

New to the site? Start here with a quick read

You might be wondering why in the world I would want to publish my income online? The idea of making money through side incomes, and this entire blog, all started out because I saw other bloggers posting their income reports. It inspired me to start a blog and see my progress of how my side incomes were doing. Plus, I really want to finish paying off my debt! I’m so close!

Also, I want to inspire and encourage potential bloggers who think they might not have what it takes to start a blog. I am not someone special. I have no writing degree or am some exceptional writer.

But I have a passion for helping young parents learn how to care for themselves through side hustles while being financially smart! I have a desire to be financially free so that when the need arises, I can give freely to those in need without having constraints on myself.

Having paid off 37k in under a year and a half makes me want to share the good news with everyone! I get great excitement from making and keeping a budget! With this comes some natural instincts of minimalism. I would not say I am a total minimalist, but I sure do enjoy living with less.

Shameless plug, I use Grammarly as my go-to writing tool! The program helps with the whole, “I’m not a professional writer thing.” Check it out its FREE!

Step-By-Step Bluehost Guide for WordPress

It amazes me how many of you have contacted me about starting your own blog! I love this! Eventually, I would love to even create a course for you guys about how to blog!

Side hustles are a great source of income and teach such valuable lessons!  Anyway, I use Bluehost to host and start my blog. For as little as $3.95/month you get a free domain and hosting with WordPress! There is no other side hustle that is so cheap to start! I made a step-by-step guide to starting your blog which will walk you through the process from purchasing the domain to installing WordPress!

Please give me feedback on how it helped or didn’t! Leave me a comment on the post or tweet me your domain name, and I’ll check out each blog and give you a shout out!

Monthly Overview:

This month I have a lot to be thankful for! I will not go into every detail as my post would end up being over 3k+ words☺️but we have had multiple issues with cars, 2 car accidents (one of them being very serious, but both of them not our fault), multiple ER and doctor visits and some issues with housing!

But with all of that we get to be thankful. We are all alive, we have great doctors, and the housing issue will eventually get figured out!

My wife and I love this show called Rosewood. He has this personality where everything is positive. Even when things happen to us, they all happen for a reason. And the best part about it is that we can’t change what has already happened; therefore, we must move forward and have a postitive outlook. Being negative never helps anyone.

As a result of the events this month, there are lots of bills! I am certainly not looking forward to  paying them, but it will work out! As a positive, our last month’s utility bill was once again next to nothing because we rarely used any air conditioner and made sure we checked the lights.

Side Business Overview

This month the blog side suffered a bit, and I think I know why.

  1. My dad was hit by a drunk driver and spent lots of time in the hospital which threw my entire week off. In fact, I didn’t even open my dashboard for over a week. This is a kiss of death for a growing blog, but I thank you guys for continuing to comment and share my posts!
  2. I am trying to get ready to go on my missions trip this next month, actually less than 14 days from me writing this. I have had NO time to do litterally anything related to the blog.
  3. It’s summer time and most people do not engage or read blogs as much during the summer months because everyone is outside enjoying the weather! Honestly, I don’t blame you!
  4. I have discovered that for some reason my theme stops displaying as mobile friendly which has caused user drops.

I also spent a good amount of money on more blog training!

Now let’s get to the numbers!

May 2017 Side Income Report:

Income –

Ebay: $20
Ebates: $13.93
Ibotta: $25.00 (Marissa and I use this app along with our team, to save on everyday groceries! See my full review here)
Bluehost: $130 (If you want to start a blog, I have an entire step-by-step guide on how to setup a blog from start to finish with Bluehost in under 15 minutes! You will get a great price of $3.95/month and a FREE domain if you sign up for at least 12 months! Blogging is one of the cheapest side hustle to get started and have potential! Have any questions? Let me know! I love helping!)
Cleaning Side Hustle: $ 189.92
Garage Sale: $242
ConvertKit: $9
Social Warfare Plugin: $8.70


Expenses –

ConvertKit: $29.99
VIP Membership: $50
Post Editing: $40
Facebook Training Class: $100
CoSchedule: $40

Were we positive for this month? Yes, by $378.56!!

June 2017 blogging goals

Honestly, my goals for this month are to keep a consistent posting schedule and survive being gone for 3 weeks! Oh, and give you guys interesting content! Plus, I want to grow my facebook page! I am taking a class from the master herself, Brittany from Equipping Godly Women, and I have learned so much already!

What’s Coming Up In June?

June is going to be a little crazy as the first two weeks we are frantically trying to get ready to go on our trip! Then we will be gone most of the rest of June!

I do plan though to keep content coming and my social media accounts growing! I have an awesome content editor who will be keeping the site going, answering questions, and doing social media while I am gone!

Goals for May:

  1. 3,000 page views (I fell a few short this last month but was so close!)
  2. 1,000 Pinterest followers
  3. 2,000 Twitter followers
  4. 100 Facebook Likes



Do you have a side hustle that you have had to automate and maintain while away on a trip?

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Barnabas Brown

Barnabas Brown

My name is Barnabas, and that's my better half, Marissa! I am an Entrepreneur and budget savvy Father to one adorable son, a three-legged puppy and one truly excellent wife! I have paid off $37k in student loan debt in just over a year and a half, while in college! I love to help others learn how to be financially responsible for themselves! My other passion is to help give to those that need it and train others to better themselves!
Barnabas Brown

Barnabas Brown

My name is Barnabas, and that's my better half, Marissa! I am an Entrepreneur and budget savvy Father to one adorable son, a three-legged puppy and one truly excellent wife! I have paid off $37k in student loan debt in just over a year and a half, while in college! I love to help others learn how to be financially responsible for themselves! My other passion is to help give to those that need it and train others to better themselves!

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  1. Yikes! I am really sorry to hear about your dad, but happy for good doctors and that he is okay.

    Congrats on the great month for side hustling, despite everything else going on in your life! Good luck maintaining the blog while you are on your trip. I seem to have a hard enough time doing that even when I’m not on vacation! 😉

    1. Yes so thankful for doctors!

      Thanks it sure felt like a whirlwind of a month and I have a feeling this month will feel like that as well!

      Good luck on keeping up with your blog! I know its worth it even though sometimes it can be super hard!

  2. Interesting story and site. Thanks for sharing your ideas on how to make some extra money on the side. Hustlers make money. It seems like you are on track. I look forward to other interesting articles.

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