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Welcome to my page of money saving resources. I created this list of different company’s, apps, products, and services that I either use or think are extremely valuable for your journey to becoming debt free, or a blogger!


Disclaimer: I do receive some benefits for a few of these for being affiliate links. Others I receive nothing from, but use them personally so I would recommend them to you guys!


Ebates: This is my go to shopping website where you can save money on just about anything you would normally shop online for! You can sign up on their website Ebates and earn CASH BACK on just about anything you would shop for. They have all your major stores like Walmart, Staples, Amazon, Kohls, Macy, and many more! When you purchase something Ebates give you a portion of their commission! If you sign up through my link they will give you a free $10 cash back just for trying it!

Airbnb: I love this website! I have planned a few trips off this money saving website! Often times, when I travel this website, has places to stay that are bigger in size and often times cheaper than if I were to book a hotel room! They generally have a full kitchen as well so that can save you money on food costs. For example, I booked a bachelor party vacation for about a 3rd of the cost and ended up with a massive vacation rental just for us! It was WAY nicer than I could have afforded for that many guys in a hotel! If you sign up with my link for Airbnb you will get a $35 in travel credit on your next stay!

Uber: Easiest and cheapest ride service to use when traveling. Here is a coupon that allows you a $20 off when you sign up with Uber for your next ride. We used this at our bachelor party and it was so easy and nice!


Ibotta: This is probably my favorite shopping App out there! It is so SIMPLE to use and you earn cash back by shopping for things you normally would spend money on anyways. Your friends and family can join as well! When they join your team bonuses become available for all of you! This app is seriously as simple as clip, shop, take picture of receipt, and earn money back! If you sign up with my link you will earn $10 cash back after your first shopping trip! You can read my review here: Ibotta Review – save money by simply shopping for everyday stuff with this easy app 

Every Dollar: This is my go to budgeting app. I really like the simplicity of how the app works and that it can be both on your phone and on a website. It is easy to use and free! You do have to pay $99/year if you want to connect your bank account to it but I have used it both ways and think it’s a stellar app either way as it is simple and makes sense. You can download the app here

Personal Capital: Who doesn’t like to Personal Capital is the number 1 app for personal finance and tracking your net worthtrack their net worth? Well if you don’t then you should probably leave a comment so we can change that! Anywho, this is my favorite app/website to tracking all my expenses and also my assets! The graphs they use are easy to read and can even tell you what steps you need to take to retire at a certain age! Check them out!

Receipt Hog: While this one well not make you rich it will help pay for some Christmas gifts! I capture my receipts all year long and then at the end of the year, cash out! It’s not a lot but it allows me to get a few gifts that I don’t have to pay for! So that’s enough reason to share it with you guys! Download it here

Blogging Resources

BlueHost: I have dealt with BlueHost is one of the best website hosting companies! I cannot believe how easy the process was form start to finish!multiple website hosting companies in my career. But BlueHost makes the process from start to finish the easiest I have seen! Anyone, even if you do not have a technical background can set up a website! They prices are extremely well priced and they even give you a free SSL if you’re using WordPress! That’s great, as an SSL will help the ranking of your website! If you sign up with my link you can get pricing as low as $2.95/month that’s incredible! Plus it helps me be able to stay at home and blog full time!

Social Warfare: I started out with a free plugin The Best Social Sharing Plugin out there! Wouldn't recommend anyone else! They have increased my share rate astronomically!for Social Shares but soon realized that’s your bread and butter of how you get traffic! Why use something mediocre when you could use something spectacular! I only recommend and use Social Warfare! Have a blog or website? Check out the link! It’s so worth it!

PicMonkey: I am no graphic design Picmonkey is so easy to use! Anyone can use it! Even me without a design degree!artist but this website makes me feel like one! It is extremely easy to use and helps me attract new readers! Picmonkey is what I use to create all my graphics for my blog. I currently use the free version but that’s because I’m just starting out! Their paid version is still highly affordable at just $3.99/month! Why mess with the hassle of photoshop or leave your readers with boring stock photography when something as simple as PicMonkey can help you!

Hello Bar: Great way to capture and gain subscribers! We all know in blogging that the subscriber is the actual gold! They are the ones you control when all the other social media platforms change their algorithms. Easy to setup and integrate into your website! Check them out here!

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